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Our 3D Printer grows with a high-performance composite Powder in Monochrome or High-definition Full colour.

Custom3D is one of the leaders in 3D Printed Prototypes. Years of experience in Prototyping help us to give advice to our clients on what type of Rapid Prototyping Technology they should use for their prototypes.

Custom3D also offers the following Rapid Prototyping Services:

SLA (StereoLithography Apparatus)
Objet (PolyJet technology)
FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling)
FINISHING (Grown models can be sanded, drilled, tapped, painted and electroplated to suit individual needs.)

3D Printed prototypes can be used for Functional testing of new design concepts in a variety of Industries:


3D printed parts help Engineers to see and feel the physical part that they are designing and they can test functionality and ergonomics of the parts. It can also be used as a tool in problem solving meetings to discuss specific design problems or errors before going into production.

Architecture (Models and GIS):

The 3D Printer produces high-definition, full-colour or monochrome architectural prototypes quickly and affordably.

As models can be created quickly and at a low cost you may also want to create a series of models for clients to view several design ideas simultaneously. The Printer accepts data from CAD, representing the buildings.

Our software combines the CAD and GIS data, and representing topographical images.
Then our 3D printer can produces several colour 3D models depending on the scale.
If you don’t have an 3D CAD Model.(Click here)


To save time and cost on Research & Development is the main objective of 3D printed parts. Custom3D grow parts that looks like the real part that can be functionally tested on the vehicle being designed. This helps to make decisions quickly and making different designs in day’s and not weeks. Showing all the design mistakes or interferences on assemblies before going into production.

Industrial Designers:

Functionality, ergonomics, colour to name a few can all be checked and discussed in meetings or to give the client a workable prototype before production.

Yacht Builders:

By having a model of your design an show different interiors layouts or special design features your potential clients see and feel the boat before it has been build. This can be of exceptional value to your business to sell new boat designs

Marketing Tools:

3D printed models is the perfect Marketing Tool for your company. Custom3D can help you to show your idea or product to the world. We can grow high-definition colour parts with astonishing detail.


From a CAT or CT scan we can make a CAD model of bones or tissue of the human body and 3D print the part to give doctors real physical parts to make important decisions or plan operations.